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Just Your Standard 250 C Moto


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Ca me rappelle tellement les courses que j'ai fait dans la CMRC en 250 debutant lol la classe derby! La fin est malade :D



"Everyone is raving about this video right now, just totally up its ass. People hitting the ground left and right, low visors, black backgrounds, the full nervous novice experience. It’s no joke that racing a C moto might be one of the top 10 most dangerous things a person can do. Those guys see a rut and it’s like watching an infant try to swim or a quad rider try to do math – they have no idea what to do or what’s happening and in the end they are going to hurt themselves. Of course, the crux of the whole video is when Joey White Honda skidmarks himself literally feet from the finish line, then in a heroic, last ditch attempt to salvage whatever 250C points he can, picks the bike up and sends it down to Davey Jones’ locker and proceeds to flip the fuck out. Hey BRO, it goes with the territory. Falling just 3-beers-piss distance before the finish is not enough; sooner or later, that bike is going in the water.

P.S. I would have been laughing my balls off if I was the dude waving the checkered flag. Guy has a front row seat for all of the festivities and does not do a thing about it. Like a boss."

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