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Complètement Capoté


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Ici un kit d'accessoire pour flyboard, avec le coude à installer sur le boitier de l'impeller à droite de la photo






1 Board.

1 Pair of Hyperlite wakeboarding bindings.

1 Rotation system with ball bearings and self-cleaning system that uses water pressure.

2 Hoses with wrist nozzles.


2 Main nozzles.

1 Power Hose which provides pressurized water from the PWC to the Flyboard.

1 180° U Tube which reverses the PWC water flow to the front of the PWC.

1 Nozzle.

1 Quick Clip for an easy uncoupling of the U-tube from the PWC.

1 Adapter Ring which is different according to the PWC make (Yamaha, Kawasaki, or Sea-Doo).


Electronic Management Kit

1 Hand Trigger which sends a signal to the Throttle in the PWC.

1 Hand Start/Stop switch.

1 Wire that links the FlyBoard to the electronics in the PWC.

1 Rotation System which allows the rotation of the wire inside the power hose.

1 Electronic System composed of a learning mode which manages the power of the jet ski.

1 Servo.

1 Accelerator Cable.





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Y en a qui on des idées vraiment hors de l'ordinaire.


Gros Buck : 200 HP pour certains d'entre eux.


En fait c'est 215 hp, le même moteur que dans un sportster 14 pieds. Ça pogne 120 km/hr. Accélération débile


Bon mais pour cette bebelle, on parle pas de vitesse car le jet est redirigé pour faire monter le pilote.

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