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Gopro Hero 3


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Maintenant disponibles !








Plus petite, plus légère, 60 FPS, 12 mp, Wi-Fi intégré...


Je pense que je vais bientôt faire exprès d'échapper mon petit kodak en roulant...






















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hmmmmm est-ce que je vend ma hero2 ou je la garde pour avoir un vue casque et un vue bike? hmmmmmm

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Avez-vous vu la lettre du CEO de Gopro à propos de la nouvelle Hero3?


Dear GoPro Community,

All of us at GoPro apologize that many of you have been frustrated by software bugs in early production HERO3 cameras. This is not OK and we feel very badly about it. We believe all known bugs have been fixed with a software update that was published on December 15th at https://gopro.zendesk.com/home. Most GoPros currently on sale in stores have the most up to date software.

Some of you are experiencing problems updating your cameras but are having a very difficult time getting a hold of us via customer support. There's no excuse for this. We simply were not prepared for the demand for the HERO3 camera nor the resulting customer service requests associated with the software bugs found in early production units. We are as frustrated as you are. This should be a time of celebration and stoke over how awesome the HERO3 camera is… not a frustrating experience that bums people out.

We are aggressively expanding our Customer Support efforts in order to respond to your questions as quickly as possible and our goal is to quickly improve GoPro Customer Support to be world class. We're sorry we're not there yet, but we're busting tail to get there as quickly as we can. We promise we will get to you as fast as possible. In the meantime, many of your questions can be answered at:www.gopro.com/support.

GoPro has succeeded thanks to the passion we all share for capturing and sharing amazing life experiences with our GoPros. We're so much further along this journey than we ever imagined possible thanks to the incredible support from you, our customers. When I started GoPro I thought it would be just a small surf company making wrist cameras for surfers. But thanks to all of you...it's now, well...GoPro, the world's bestselling and most versatile camera company. But that means it should also have the world's best customer service. I and the rest of the GoPro team are totally focused on this and we deeply appreciate your patience and understanding as we make this happen.

Much love and appreciation, everyone. It takes a village and we're grateful for you...our tribe.

Nicholas Woodman

GoPro Founder & CEO




Est-ce qu'il y a des RidAventuriers qui l'ont acheté cette Hero3? Est-ce si pire que ça?


Il y a un de mes chums qui l'a acheté, je vais lui demander ce qu'il en pense...

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Mon frère a acheté la GP3 avant les fêtes et a dû la retourner, impossible de la mettre a on après chargement de batterie....sa deuxième semble bien fonctionner, je vais vérifier avec lui ...

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Je l'ai, aussitot le firmware update fait, elle a bien foctionnée. Je l'opère avec le iPhone image et tout, je suis content de mon cadeau de nowel! Je trippe...:wink:

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