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Pour les ''bruleux'' de lumières à freins


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Bonjour les amis,


En me promenant sur un site US, j'ai fait cette petiote trouvaille:




Oui une lumière LED conçue pour résister 10000 heures à la vibration. Vous savez des motos ''genre'' KTM de kek uns de mes amis riders... em4000




Voici le descriptif du site:


Light, Tail, Red LED, 1157 Bulbs


Finally a Bright LED Tail Light!!!


Our new 1157 LED is a totally new design that utilizes LEDs mounted all around the base of the bulb to give light in all directions, so the angle in which the bulb mounts is not important. (traditional LEDs only face out one direction and the bulb has to face directly rearward). The 1157 model is with a round metal base and two offset metal tabs to allow for a push & twist installation. There are two contact points for run and brake circuts.


The benefits of the LEDs are still the main reason we are investing so much time into them. They are vibration resistant, last 10,000 hours, and provide maximum power to the other electrical components and engine- to maximize your performance.


Le prix est pas pire (je crois) pour 19.95$


ON peut la trouver sur le site suivant: http://secure.mycart.net/catalogs/catal ... prevnext=1






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