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Ktm 690 E/r Thread Index


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<p>Je viens de partir ce thread sur ADV Rider. C'est un ramassi de différent sujet sur le 690.




Engine, Transmission, and Drivetrain

ktm 690 gearbox cr and wr

KTM 690 - Stalling and throttle issues - Throttle reset

KTM 690 Enduro R handlebar mounted map switch? - Part number

KTM 690 stalling issue solved

KTM 690 clutch cover protection ?

Gear calculation tools

UNI Aus (AU 1417) to UNI US (US 1417) air filter comparaison - by TexaNate

Tilt Sensor fix


How To:

valve adjustment how to on 690E

KTM 690 air box fix...

Bearing wheel driver trick-by CanadianX

KTM 690 Troubleshooting Guide - by El Ponkin



Mods and upgrades

Radiator hose rerout(to prevent pushing back on air box)

690 pre air filter mod



Carburetion, Exhaust and Other Highly Contested Subjects

KTM Enduro 690 R - Which exhaust?

KTM 690 enduro/SMC exhaust thread

KTM 690 E & TuneECU

KTM 690 Fuel tank

FMF for KTM 690 Enduro

Does your tank move?

690 Fuel Pump Problems Demystified by Nippybit

KTM 690e fuel pump (FI) issues by DirtJack



How To:

Rally Raid Tanks Install by Bartron

KTM 690 EFI - Idiots Guide


Mods and upgrades

SAS bypass - by Bartron

Exhaust Canister Removal by Bartron

Fitting a second fuel pump mod part 1- by numbutt

Fitting a second fuel pump mod part 2- by numbutt

Fitting a second fuel pump mod part 3 - by numbutt

KTM 690 - stock can, no catatalyst mod



Chassis (Bodywork) and Controls (Cockpit)

KTM 690 Enduro R - Rally Raid Evo 1 + Scotts Damper build

KTM 690 Adventure EVO2 Kit

690 Rally Replica questions...

Kit ktm 690 adventure basel??

KTM 690 Skid Plate

KTM Rally Replica inspired 690 project

KTM 690E Acerbis Handguards

Stock, EXC and SMC front fender difference

KTM 690 wind screen thread

Anyone have experence with the KTM 690 Enduro Rally Fairing from KTMTWINS?

KTM 690 enduro luggage rack bolts stuck

KTM 690 Tail Tidy - Advice sought ?

Reasonable protection for KTM 690 Enduro

690 Plastic body part numbers

Lynx Fairing for the KTM 690 from Britannia Composites

Aftermarket seat options for the 690

Foot pegs for 690 Enduro

KTM 690 Enduro centerstand

Shorty Clutch lever mod

Rally Raid Evo 2 Tank Protection mod - by Sideup

Perun's sub frame bolt upgrade - by Orangecicle

Orangecicle v2.0: My KTM Basel 690 Quest story - by Orangecicle


How To:

Trick for installing footpegs... %$?"!*& Springs

Another trick for those %?/?&$* footpeg springs - By Scott_PDX



Mods and upgrades

KTM 690 Enduro replacement tank bolts – complete subframe reinforcement kit

KTM 690 Lower Tank Bolt Replacement - Rally Raid kit



Suspension and Wheels and Brakes

KTM 690E - All Things Suspension Related

KTM 690E - Brake Pedal replacement

KTM owners 690 End R -140/80 tire choices

KTM 690 Suspension

690 enduro - lowering?

690 enduro - raising?

Master Cylinder = sorted. Bleeder = not so much ...

KTM 690 front suspension shim stack references - by mrwwwhite and Kingrj


How To:

KTM 690 Enduro R Adjustable Triple Clamps

690 Enduro - how to change the wheel size?

Poor Man's 690 Enduro Fork Fix - by kingrj

What the hizzle is a KTM 690 SSAT? - muddyrabbit




Mods and upgrades

Headlight Mod - by Spaceman Spiff



How To:

How to add a 12V power Port

KTM 690 R gets Wired


The big one!

New and improved KTM690 WUNDERFEST



KTM 690 Enduro owners show off your bike !

KTM 690 Enduro/Rally/Duke/SM Picture Thread!!!!

Mudguts 690R build thread

Barton's Code Orange: Building up Three and a Half KTM 690 R's

Another "DIY" ktm 690 thread (Build)

KTM 690 Enduro - fundamentally flawed or not?

Difference between 690 Rally and production 690

SuperMegaCrazy 690 build thread!

690 KTM Rallye Replica in da house! It's finally here!!

Bored Clerk's KTM 690R...not that you care. - Great mods in here.

Building up Basil! RTW 690RR build - By Pindon




KTM 690 luggage & rack thread

How well can KTM 690 R be set up for Touring


Tools, Toolkits, and Related Widgets

Torque wrench discussion

Loctite discussion thread - Thanks dirty_sanchez

Tool Box Canister MOD

AS Skidplate rear brake pedal mod - by swap

KTM 690 Enduro R tool kit - what is in yours?


Ride Reports

Seth S, Australia Safari 2011 - blog

RTW KTM 690 Enduro

RTW with Noah on a KTM 690


General Discussions

KTM 690 as my only bike

KTM 690 Mega thread rev 2.0 E/R/RR/SM/SMC/Duke/Duke R

Details on 2014 690 enduro r?

690 - which model years to stay away from?

KTM 690 Enduro R as a semi-daily commuter.

KTM 690 mileage report

KTM 690 Enduro SURVEY

Ktm 690 Enduro Thread by Ludo

KTM 690 Enduro Issues & Fixes

KTM 690 Adventure - Concept

2012 ktm 690 enduro R owners, any major problems ?


Original 690 Thread indexes

New KTM 690 Thread Index

Motobrant's original thread index.




690 Wiki Thread

KTM Talk.com

Another valve adjust how-to; supermotojunkie.com

690 Enduro Forum - Because the Wunderfest is a bit of a pain to find stuff sometimes.

KTM Service Manuals

Hyena 690 graphic kits

DIY seat modification

Links to good stuff...

Fairings and Navigation towers - by Craft Rider

Changing the gas filter without lifting the tank - Text is in french, but as pictures


Impressive parts fiche for KTM bikes (starting in 2000) - In french

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Une référence incontournable Badabong ... particulièrement a cause du fait que bien des '' problèmes'' ( exemple le fameux stalling ..) ne sont en fait que de simple ajustement ou procédure toutes simple a faire ...


Les gérants de service de bien des dealers québécois aurais tout intérêt a lire ce contenus de A a Z .... pis le contenus de 950info itout tant qu'a ça ... :mrgreen:

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