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La fin pour Canada Moto Guide.

Phil Le Mammouth

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Dear CMG Readers,

This is the note I never wanted to write.

Over the last 15 months I’ve done my utmost, under the circumstances, as Publisher in Rob’s place, for Canada Moto Guide to continue to deliver motorcycle content that is current, original, timely and relevant to Canadian riders and enthusiasts. We’ve been able to achieve this in the last year thanks to our excellent editorial team, which includes Mark, Zac, Costa, Michael, Larry, and the many freelancers who have contributed for over 20 years, and the tech and sales background team with Kelly, Olivier, and, always, Patrick. There have also been many friends and family who have acted as advisors and helped in myriad ways through this transitional period.

It is so evident that CMG holds a very, very special place in the hearts of its devoted readership, and an integral place in motojournalism in Canada. Because of that, and given the current state of online news in the world, it’s been paramount to continue Rob’s legacy of honest and objective (and entertaining) reporting at CMG from real motojournalists, contributors and writers who are paid for their work. But across the board in Canada,  digital and print publishing companies are struggling to keep afloat in the ever-murkier space between content and advertising. The business model that Rob had for many years, and that Rob and I together had in recent years — the excellent relationships with Canadian OEMs who placed direct advertising at CMG without ever demanding or even suggesting any editorial control — is, most regretfully, at its tail end.

Digital publications now need to have many revenue sources beyond direct advertising and must be on the front edge of technology and current marketing strategies to survive, let alone thrive. Staying on top of the constantly changing business model was part of my job when Rob was the Publisher and Editor — we were building a great business and it was fun, exciting, and very fulfilling. But this transition year has proved to be enough of a personal difficulty that it will take a new Publisher and/or owner who has the resources (mostly time and passion) to live and breathe this wonderful Canadian magazine in the way it needs to get back to its full potential.

If you think you are that Publisher, please send me a letter, to Courtney@Canadamotoguide.com, by September 1, 2017. I know it’s a short timeline, and I know we will very possibly have to say goodbye to CMG if that date comes and goes with no new Publisher. Sometimes we have to say goodbye even when we don’t want to.

Until then ride safely and have tonnes of fun,

Courtney Hay

Publisher, Canada Moto Guide

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Je n'y était pas abonné , mais je l'achetais à l'occasion . Le web a tué beaucoup de magazines depuis quelques années . em0400

Je leur souhaites tout de même de trouver une nouvelle voie . Thanks CMG for all those great years .


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