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René Cormier


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Bonjour à tous.


J'aimerais inviter Mr.René Cormier(voir lien plus bas), un aventurier en moto, à faire une soirée conférence. Avant de le faire déplacer de l'Alberta, je veux voir s'il y aurait de l'intérêt pour vous à venir à une soirée conférence. Il apporte du matériel visuel et sa moto de 5 ans de voyage ainsi que toute son expérience. Il y aurait un montant de 10$ à débourser pour les participants. Donnez-moi votre feedback! Merci



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J'ai rencontré Rene à Vancouver, il est super sympathique et intéressant. J'ai eu l'occasion de prendre une bière avec et je suis en train de lire son livre. Toute une histoire.


S'il vient, je vais être là pour sa conférence.







5-Touring31 ?
















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Voici les derniers développements que j'ai reçu de Rene Cormier.

Il sera tentativement à Montréal le 15 décembre mais à Ottawa le 14 juillet, à confirmer



Globetrotting Canadian Motorcyclist Brings Evenings of Adventure to Canadian BMW Dealers


Canadian motorcycle adventurer Rene Cormier brings an inspiring presentation and talk to participating BMW dealers showcasing his four-year, 154 000 kilometre, around-the-world motorcycle odyssey aboard a BMW F650.


Cormier, who recently chronicled his unique travels in the book, The University of Gravel Roads: Global Lessons From a Four-Year Motorcycle Adventure, will read excerpts and welcomes fellow motorcyclists, world travellers and anybody with a spirit of adventure to share their passion with like-minded enthusiasts at this special gathering. A book signing will follow.


Victoria – Presented by Island BMW


Olympic View Golf Club, 643 Latoria Road, Victoria, BC


Thursday, April 22, 2010


7- 9pm


Admission: $20 with all proceeds benefiting the Morgan Jayne Project.




Kelowna – Presented by SouthWest BMW


SouthWest BMW, 3575 Alcan Road, Kelowna, BC


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


7- 9pm


Admission is free




Calgary – Presented by Blackfoot Motorrad


Blackfoot Motorsports, 6 Highfield Circle SE, Calgary, AB


Thursday, April 29, 2010


7- 9pm


Admission is free


Saskatoon – Presented by European Motorrad


European Motorrad, 2634 Faithfull Avenue, Saskatoon, SK


Saturday, May 1, 2010


7- 9pm


Admission is free




Winnipeg – Presented by Wildwood Sports


Wildwood Sports, 1143 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MN


Tuesday, May 4


7- 9pm


Admission is free




Newmarket – Presented by Open Road BMW


Open Road BMW, 87 Mulock Drive, ON


Friday May 7, 2010


7- 9pm


Admission is free




Ajax – Presented by BMW Durham


BMW Durham, 100 Achilles Road, Durham, ON


Saturday May 8, 2010


3 - 6 pm *note afternoon times*


Admission is free




London – Presented by Wolf BMW


Wolf BMW, 1859 Oxford Street E, London, ON


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


7- 9 pm


Admission is free




Toronto – Presented by BMW Toronto


BMW Toronto, 11 Sunlight Park Road, Toronto, ON


Friday May 14, 2010


7- 9 pm


Admission is free




Moncton - Presented by Atlantic Motoplex


Atlantic Motoplex, 950 Champlain Street, Dieppe, NB


Friday May 21, 2010


7- 9pm


Admission is free




Richmond - Presented by Pacific BMW


Pacific BMW, 21000 Westminster Highway, Richmond, BC


Friday, June 4, 2010 *to be confirmed*


7- 9pm


Admission is free




Oakville – Presented by Budds’ BMW


Budds’ BMW, 2454 South Service Road W, Oakville, ON


Wednesday, July 7, 2010




Admission is free


Ottawa – Presented by Ottawa Motorrad


Ottawa Motorrad, 450 West Hunt Club Road, Ottawa, ON


Wednesday, July 14 *to be confirmed*




Admission is free




Edmonton – Presented by Argyll Motorrad


Rocky Mountain GS Challenge, AB


August 13-15, 2010


Admission free with GS Challenge entry




Montreal - Presented by Moto Internationale


Moto Internationale, 6695 rue St-Jacques W, Montreal, QC


December 15, 2010 *to be confirmed*










Cormier started his journey to see the world from Vancouver in 2003 on a BMW F650GS motorcycle. He returned 154,000 kilometers later with Pakistani art gracing the front of his BMW and stamps from 41 countries in his passport. "And none of those small, ‘easy’ European countries, either," he jokes, pointing to his route map that includes such uncommon destinations as Yemen, Iran, Tajikistan and Mongolia.




"The goal behind bringing my stories to other riders is to remind them that although there are inherent risks with any travel, we imagine them to be bigger and scarier than they actually are. I want to convince people of the overwhelming rewards of adventure travel by motorcycle."




The Edmonton resident admits there were challenges during his journey. One such experience happened at an Ethiopian checkpoint where a drunken border guard, wearing only a wrap-around beach towel, insisted Cormier take a guard with him to the next town, "for safety reasons." "Drunk guards never make good travel companions," says Cormier, who proceeded to race the BMW into the safety of the desert while the towel-wrapped guard and his AK-47-wielding partner wobbled unsuccessfully after him. "They were looking for bribes," says Cormier, "and I'm too cheap for that."




Cormier undertook his world journey without sponsorship -- roughing it on a skimpy budget of $25 a day. He persevered, found his future wife along the way, and he hopes his story encourages others to look rationally at the risk, and then go. As he likes to point out, "it's easier - and more fun - than you might think."




Attendees 25 years or older with a valid motorcycle licence are welcome to enter the draw for an all-expenses paid guided motorcycle trip to South Africa and Namibia aboard a BMW motorcycle in October 2010. Trip sponsored by Cormier’s travel company Renedian Adventures, www.renedian.com.


The University of Gravel Roads: Global Lessons From a Four-Year Motorcycle Adventure has been on the Bestseller List for both the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal and is available from select Chapters and independent bookstores across Canada and from www.universityofgravelroads.com.




# # #




April 8, 2010

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J'ai eu la surprise de me faire offrir son livre par ma femme :wink:



En revanche, j'irais surement le voir à Ottawa, puisque c'est juste à coté ...

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