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Dakar, pas de feu


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Question pour les connaisseurs du Dakar ou F650GS

Je viens de changer la ignition switch sur le Dakar, viens d'essayer de le demarrer, le moteur tourne mais y'a pas de feu a la bougie, j'ai aussi installer une bougie neuve, j'ai verifier le kick stand switch et tout semble correct, les 3 fils sont intact , j'ai checker la stop switch, j'ai aussi installer le coil de mon autre f650gs, toujours pas de feu.

Toute suggestions ou recommandations bienvenus

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somehow a cable on the Alarm immoboliser became stripped of its insulation. He noticed that when he moved the alarm/immob unit that it would fire up then cut out. So that has been sorted. He also noticed that another couple of cables on the main harness were corroding (they were not causing the starting problem) But he replaced them too.


Rode it into work today, running perfectly

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