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Un autre trip pour Charlie Boorman!


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J'en avais pas entendu parler mais Mr Boorman est encore partie sur un trip!


Voici la description:


Following on from the success of his journeys on two wheels comes Charley Boorman’s latest adventure By Any Means.


Travelling from his native Wicklow in Ireland, Charley will drive, sail and ride his way across three continents, finally arriving in Sydney, Australia. Stepping away from simply riding motorcycles, Charley will commandeer various modes of transport along the way, including gondolas, classic cars, racing yachts and elephants!


This really will be Charley’s most challenging journey so far as he pushes himself, and the machines against the toughest of environments. With producer/ director Russ Malkin and cameraman Mungo they’ll be interacting with the local communities and getting to better know the cultures they are to find themselves immersed within.


Leaving in April, Charley should be in Sydney by mid-August, with the series airing in late Autumn 2008 on the BBC, and later on the National Geographic channel.



Il est présentement à Pontianak, Indonesie.


Voici le lien du site web: http://byanymeans.bigearth.tv/site/pages/charley/home.php

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